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Shu Yinbiao meets with Chairman of Energy Transitions Commission Lord Adair Turner


        On December 14th, Mr. Shu Yinbiao, Chairman of China Huaneng Group Co. Ltd., met with Chairman of Energy Transitions Commission (ETC) Lord Adair Turner at Huaneng headquarters. The two sides held in-depth discussions concerning enhancing international cooperation, and realizing green, low-carbon, and sustainable development of global energy industry.

  Shu Yinbiao welcomed Lord Turner’s visit, and introduced Huaneng’s development history and main businesses, especially the achievements in green coal-fired electricity generation, new energy development, and international cooperation. He said, by adopting the concept of green development as the guidance, Huaneng is actively propelling energy transitions, and is endeavoring to develop wind power, hydro power and PV projects, with the proportion of low-carbon clean energy greatly increased. Simultaneously, Huaneng pays high attention to technological innovation, steadfastly adheres to the research and application of frontier technology, for instances, clean coal electricity generation, carbon capture, new-generation nuclear power technology, and new-generation renewable energy. The parameters of net coal consumption rate and carbon emission per unit are leading the industry.

  Shu Yinbiao fully recognized the great accomplishments of ETC in such fields as boosting the transition of global low-carbon energy system. He regarded that ETC’s energy transition concept and technological breakthroughs have provided the power enterprises’ transitions with new development ideas. Shu Yinbiao said, the core to realizing energy transitions is “re-electrification”. At the consumption end, “re-electrification” is reflected by electricity being well placed to substitute fossil fuels. On the production end, it is reflected by the large-scale development and application of new energy such as wind and solar power etc. “Re-electrification” emphasizes that the means of production that is converted to electricity, should be clean and zero-emission, which is of great significance to boosting energy transitions, protecting the environment, and improving the efficiency and benefits of social-economic development. Huaneng is willing to share with the world its mature experience and advanced technology in such areas as low-carbon energy development, and is dedicated to promoting good low-carbon demonstrations. He expressed the hope to enhance multi-level and multi-dimensional communications, deepen R&D cooperation, and establish close working relationship. As the 36th President of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), Shu Yinbiao also noted that both sides can jointly facilitate the green and low-carbon energy transitions of the world, and realize sound and steady economic development, by relying upon the international influence of IEC, as well as its work on standards setting and conformity assessment etc.

  Lord Turner expressed gratitude to Mr. Shu’s recognition of ETC, and introduced the latest research results of ETC in terms of lowering the CO2 emission in sectors which are regarded as “hard to be de-carbonized” in the industry system. He said, China has rich natural resources, and Huaneng is the front runner in China’s power industry with strength in resources and experiences for development, ETC sincerely invites Huaneng to join the commission, work together to strengthen communications and cooperation pertaining to low-carbon energy’s policy-making and technological innovation, set green and low-carbon development as the direction, and strive to realize de-carbonization in electricity generation.

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